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Cloud Migration

Growing out of your existing ICT Hardware?

Move to the cloud, best to our needs and budget. Plan your move to Google services hosting services.

At Sai Infotech Australia, we carefully design and plan your move to Cloud to help you capture new business advantages. You don’t need to give up any ICT equipment or replace it. Sai Infotech Australia team of IT experts and consultants will assist you in planning a painless migration strategy that is right sized for your business.One of the best things about the cloud is, it can scale out according to the needs of your business, it works within your budget, and gives you maximum return on your investment.

Our good planning can facilitate your move to the Cloud, and pave the way to future success. Sai Infotech Australia Cloud migration team partners with you to define the best possible cloud migration strategy. Are you ready for the cloud ?

Cloud Migration with Blueshield:

  • Access: Sai Infotech Australia will assess your current ICT environment, application, and how you use them. we will identify the applications which are cloud-ready and ready to go on the cloud. Typically example are File Storage, Emails, Calendars
  • Plan: We will then create a migration plan for your business that evolves your current ICT infrastructure to a private or public cloud infrastructure, and assesses the impact on your business
  • Migrate: Sai Infotech Australia Cloud Migration team will work with your business to migrate existing applications from legacy environments to the private or public cloud while minimizing disruption to your business.

Sai Infotech Australia Cloud Migration team can also help you in migrating from one cloud provider to another with minimum downtime.

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